What Do We Offer Our Clients?


Prior to the conclusion of our client’s contract with a power company we offer:


  • A search of potentially interested buyers;
  • Assistance in the preparation and conduct of negotiations with buyers;
  • Assistance in negotiating the terms of a sale and purchase contract; 
  • Consultancy on quality matters; and
  • Consultancy on sea freights.


During the whole delivery period we provide: 


  • Coordination of activities involving a cargo’s shippers and receivers as well as shipping companies, shipping agencies and control organisations  before and during the loading of the vessel, which also involves the control and preparation of shipping documents and their correctness and sending them in good time to the different parties involved;  ‚Äč
  • Monitoring of the quality of the production (with the involvement of the  independent  control organisations) during the loading of the vessel, coordinating the activities of the control organisations;
  • Communication with the receivers and their representatives on behalf of the  supplier, which has shown itself to be rather efficient because of the existing time difference between the US and Europe;
  • Protection of the producer’s interest in front of the buyer if needed; and
  • Arrangement of additional monitoring of the cargo by a neutral control organisation in the unloading port if needed.