Who Are We?

Agreen Ltd is a company that has been active on the international market of biomass since 2000 both as a principal and as a broker or an agent. It has been delivering various types of biomass, including wood pellets, olive cake, wood chips, sunflower husk pellets, etc


Within the last 7 years Agreen delivered more than 3 mln. metric tonnes of biomass as a principal. Out of this volume wood pellets constituted about 2.3m metric tonnes. The company had been buying biomass in the US, Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Russia, the Baltic countries and South Africa. The purchased volumes were being delivered to heat and power plants of large utilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Denmark, Sweden and Poland.


Agreen has in the course of its activities obtained considerable experience in organising sea carriage and working with the freight market because the majority of its volumes were being delivered to end-users on CIF conditions. Agreen Ltd has also developed tight connections to most major international control organisations and their laboratories both inside and outside Europe. In particular, we cooperate with renowned organisations such as Control Union, Inspectorate and SGS in different parts of the world. We always pay great importance to issues of quality of biomass and have substantial experience in successfully dealing with them.   


Our Recent and Current Activities


In 2008 Agreen started cooperating with some US companies that were planning to produce wood pellets for exports to Europe. With active participation from Agreen’s side there were concluded long term contracts for deliveries of more than 700,000 metric tonnes of wood pellets to Europe. In its everyday work of today Agreen is actively involved in the performance of these contracts by acting on the sellers’ side. Because of its increasing activities on the American market Agreen has been a member of USIPA from 2011.


Starting from 2012 Agreen has been fully focusing itself on the maintenance and development of either already existing or new wood pellet contracts in the US and Canada, as well as in other regions of the world, for the purposes of satisfying the demands of the developing wood pellet market in Europe and especially in the UK. Because of its long-term trading contacts in Scandinavia, Northern Europe and the UK, Agreen has earned good credibility with major energy companies such as EDF, E.ON, GDF Suez, Vattenfall, DONG Energy and others.


In its work with servicing already existing and new wood pellet contracts Agreen is using the trade mark of Wood Pellets Supply Agency.


Today the company is actively involved into negotiations for several new projects, which in the nearest future may result in the construction of a number of pellet plants in the US with a start of production in 2016.